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“This article list bad habits that keep you from finding success as well as a list of ways that you can use to change those bad habits. There is also some facts regarding what truly makes the human lead a happy healthy life.”

By: Kasey Parrish

If you could be the most successful person in the world, would you make the necessary changes to do so?

According to there is 0.01% of Americans in the U.S. who are making an annual income of 9.5 million or more. That 0.01% is only 15,000 families that do not have to worry about money on a daily basis.

Wikipedia also states that there are 13.5% American’s in the U.S. are living in poverty. That means 43.1 million people can’t find success in this time period. There is also 100 million living near poverty in the U.S. That is 1/3 our population! Why?

Finding success is somewhat easier to some more so then others, this is depending on what their definition of success is. Most Americans when asked what would make them happy they claim more money. There was a study done by a group of Harvard sophomores that focused on what leads humans to have a healthy and happy life? This study started in 1938 and was featured in a Ted Talk speech by Robert Waldinger called “What Makes A Good Life?” Mr. Waldinger proclaimed our happiness comes from the healthy relationships we keep through out our life.

The study today still has 19 participating subjects who are still alive. These men are well into their eighties now and all have close healthy relationships with family, spouses, and children as well. The study found a similar difference between the men who died early and the men who lived into their eighties. The men who died early had no close relationships and always claimed to be lonely, the men who lived long healthy lives had close relationships and larger tight families.


So can we have happiness without wealth? Of course you can but to become successful and have the same wealth that only .01% have you must understand what makes these individuals so much different then the average nearly poor American. Most people today have five bad habit that keep them from following their dreams to become wealthy.

5 Bad Habits

  • Watching too much TV can take up your valuable time and does nothing to help your motivation. TV is great for getting away and clocking out of your own life to enjoy adventure and drama, but it does nothing to further your education. Unless you enjoy a documentary. It is said that most Americans watch 5 hours of television a day, that equals to 77 days out of the 365 in a year. The wealthy use their time wisely not sparingly
  • Alcohol or drug consumption is one of the leading distractions with many Americans. Without realizing it the human mind uses drugs and alcohol to numb their problems that are bothering them. There for they cannot focus on their success or future Beccause they become intoxicated. Wether intoxicated sometime or everyday, these habits kill your brain cells. So even if you wanted to be successful your goals become clouded as well as your judgment.
  • The humans urge to consume. This is one of Americans habits that usually cost them the most. With main stream media and advertisement working very around the clock to make you want everything imaginable, it becomes really difficult to save money or make investments with no immediate reward. Human beings need instant gratification, so it is easy for us to spend the money on things we truly don’t need to keep us distracted from the bigger picture.
  • Drama ,wealthy people do not waste time on talking about others or worrying what they think about them. When you think of a leader’s qualities this are the type of instinct’s you need to have to stay focused. Wasting time on what others are doing or wearing will not make you anymore successful then you already are now, unless you take up that line of work.
  • Time Management, many wealthy have someone who manages their time for them, but as a average citizen we don’t have that kind of money. There are many times of the day when we just don’t feel like getting are Arons done and this is when a paid time manager would earn their money the most. Wealthy people are human too and they don’t always what to do what needs to be done. The average person must learn this kind of motivation to drive them to finding the success they yarn for.


Now the key to making your way to a life of wealth and happiness is not going to just be given to you. Sadly if you are not born into success then you will have to work very hard to get where you want to be in life. This is why so many have failed and very few succeed with wealth and becoming a part of that small 1%. Human minds need instant gratification and anything thing else must be driven by pure will power. The will power comes from our inspiration, and with that you can go anywhere. There are some habits that could help this change…..

5 Good Habits

  • Take time to watch and listen, and no that doesn’t mean sports shows or HBO . This means to pay attention in life, find your inspiration, whether that be your kids, music, reading, etc. Your Inspiration comes to you when you feel excited, eager, or a boost of energy.
  • Fix what you can , and don’t sweat the small stuff. When you start obsessing about the small stuff you leave no time for the bigger moves in life. You start focusing to much on the little issues instead of for future problematic decisions.
  • Being Positive and Look for your Opportunities. Thinking positive and controlling your irrational thoughts are a key factor into becoming more successful. Not only is it important to stay positive but is also beneficial to network and keep your options open for better oppertunities. You always want to move up in life and if you find your self at a stand still, then its time for you to find a new route upward.
  • Training and Preparation, These are key factors to life’s accomplishments. With any big step in life it’s better if you have planed and prepared for the follow through. With the proper training you can be certain that you will not fail with your goals you have set in play. It’s even helpful to make vision boards or list’s that show you what you want to get done in step’s.
  • Establish a Foundation of Consideration for yourself and other’s. You might think when finding success you are completely on your own and you don’t have to worry about anyone but yourself, but that is wrong. The more success you have the more people you will have to welcome into your circle. By being kind to yourself and others you can keep all the unnecessary negative energy out of your life. The more positive you are with yourself and others, will allow good things to happen to you. When you don’t show yourself and other’s the prospects of positive energy you attract negative’s and bad things will happen. So be kind and kindness will be bastoyed on your good fortune.


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