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New and inventive ways to bring your life Success!!!

By: Kasey Parrish

We live in a world that really promotes negative energy. Most of its done unknowingly, but never the less we see it everywhere. When you turn on the news or read article in social media, there is always a negative story that is driven through the attention it brings.

Eight Great Ways to Bring About Success.        

1. Start thinking positive, the more good energy you bring to yourself the more positive things will happen. You can do that by being grateful for what you do have. Sit down and actually write out a list of things to be thankful for. When you wake up in the morning start your routine by saying your thankful out loud to yourself.

2. Most people tend to focus on what they don’t have, and this causes them to only in-vision never having what they want. Your body is a vassal   of powerful energy and what you put out into the world is what you will   get back. Stop focusing on things you don’t have and start visioning  yourself already having the things you want.

3. Start today by getting out piece of paper and make a list of everything you want for your future. Then make a vision board with pictures of these accomplishments. You need to shift your thought process into seeing of what could be, instead of what isn’t.

4. You cannot change other people, you can only change yourself and how you feel. What you can do is control the people you hang around. When you keep negative company, negative things will happen. There is even a law that is called “Guilt by association”. This law means you will be charged with a crime that was committed even if you weren’t the actual culprit.

5. Another important factor that can boost your path to success is having the will to make change. I have struggled with this because it is easy for me to feel comfortable in my place of employment. Although now is the time for me to move on because I can no longer grow in this profession. If you find that you are at a standstill and can no longer become more successful than it might be time to think about a change in your employment. If you don’t want to leave your job you can always explore other ways to make money in your spare time by following your dreams and exploring your potental as an entrepreneur.

6.  Everything in your life starts with a thought. This an important step that coincides with your vision board. Get a notebook that is just for your future. Break the note book up into three parts.

+++++A. To Day’s to Do’s. (Use this part to write down everything you want to get done that day.) Try doing this before you go to bed at nigh or early in the morning while you’re having your coffee. Make sure this book is small and accessible.

+++++B. The next part of the book use for major goals for the whole year. Now don’t make goals that are unrealistic. These yearly goals will help you see you vision board come into play.

+++++C. The last part of the book use for your five-year goals. I like to do five years and not ten because I want to keep the time frame within manageable efforts. You could make goals for the next ten years and completely forget about these by the time you reached the deadline.  You can add to part B and C all the time, but make sure you are incorporating smaller goals in part A that will get you to your larger goals. When you make these plans stick to them.

7.  Understand that your time is priceless, you cannot get refunds on time. Practice time management in order to get where you need to be in life. Remember don’t let yourself get distracted from your futures potential. Stay Positive!

8.  Lastly the best way to stay on the path of success is to try and maintain a      good physical, mental, and spiritual health state. When I say spiritual, I am not necessarily saying you have to be religious, but you should however know your spirit. The human spirit is the nonphysical part of you that is your emotions and personality. The spirit is also known as your true self. Pay attention to your thoughts if they are negative, jerk them out of your subconscious and replace it with its counter positive thought.

Over all you must truly believe in the attitude of gratitude. By doing so you can really move yourself in the direction of success. When you have gratitude for the things that you have you create a positive environment for your physical and mental self. When you are constantly thinking about the things that are going wrong in your life then you are allowing your mental and physical self to be tormented by negative energy. There for your thoughts will be clouded with only negative’s and result in negative actions. This process takes time and it may not work right away, but if you trust in the steps the outcome will be a positive one.

This article is dedicated and founded on The Secret of Life!


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