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There are so many parenting propaganda’s out there that really make you think they can help. Then you spend the money and don’t follow through with the advise. You can obtain the best parenting advise money can buy but without following through with the plans, you are just waisting your money.

I am a mother of three boys and I can completely relate to a parent who suffers from children that can be out of control at times. Now I am not saying my boys are a nightmare but they do give me a hard way to go at least 40 percent of the time.

Ways To Put A Hult To The Back Talk!

  1. Don’t Feed the Fire! Say you have told your child he can not play video games tonight because he didn ‘t make the bus this morning. We all know if you have a child like mine it will be at least 30 mins of him crying trying to get his way. Stick to your guns. Do not change the demand.
  2. Kids can be sneaky without realizing they are negotiating their chores. They can trick you into a debate, don’t let this happen. Acknowledge their feelings but don’t allow them to get you to change you mind on any demands you have set for them.
  3. If you don’t like the way they are talking to you during a dissagreement, let them know. Also do it polightly, you cannot let them see you are loosing your cool. When you start loosing your cool they notice and it opens the disscussion up for debating their situation.

Children are smart and over the last 16 years my boys have learned how to get what they want from me. I as the parent had to learn how to get what I want out of them without letting them realize it can be work. Everyone has responsabilities and in order for my kids to keep the privaleges I have produced for them they must abide by my rules.

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Make a chart that lays out the chores that must be done in the house. For example…

AlexKolbyNathanAlexKolbyNathanAlexTaking out trash
NathanAlexKolbyNathanAlexKolbyNathanSweeping/ Moping
KolbyNathanAlexKolbyNathanAlexKolbyVacuuming carpets
AlexKolbyNathanAlexKolbyNathanAlexMaking beds
NathanAlexKolbyNathanAlexKolbyNathanWiping Surfaces
KolbyNathanAlexKolbyNathanAlexKolbyPicking up Toys

Now this chart is applied to someone who has three kids. Mind you my Alex is only five but I help him with his chores and he feels like he is a important member of the house because he has responsabilities too. Call a meeting and explain to your kids its time for them to become working members of their house. These chorse will be done or you will not engage in the privaledges of living in this house.

When you work, you get paid with a pay check. Well when my boys work they get paid with their privledges. Such as the wifi, x-box, treats, picking dinner otions, ice cream, money for weekend outings with friends, money for sports, and so on. It is are job as parents to take care of clothing, feeding, hygeine, and shelter of the child. Anything else that we provide for the child is out of love, so why not make the child earn their keep in the house. I believe this distills a sence of responsibility and respect for their belongings.

I started this chart because I was constently having to clean up after my kids when coming home from work. I believe that my kids must realize that its their home too and they need to respect their home. Geting my kids to learn that mom and dad was not the maid took some changing. As you know change is never easy when it comes to kids. So once you come up with your chart and integrate it into your everyday life you must also come up with ways to enforce this new system.

Unfortunetly when you change things with kids it takes time to get them used to a new routine. Once I get my children completetly used to this chart I will definitly do a update for my readers. This could potently weed out any altercations you could have with your kids if I can provide the scenarios and alternative reactions.

“Good Luck as Mom’s and Dad’s we are on the road to being better and more constructive parents!



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