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By. Kasey Parrish

Step 1. Take you tie and put it around your neck!

Step 2. Take the fatter end to the tie and give it more length on the right side of your neck.


Step 3. Take the Big (Long) side of the tie and place it on top of the Little (Short) side ofthe tie.


Step 3. Take the Big (Long) side and wrap it around the Little (Short) side again going behind the Little (Short) side this time.


Step 4. Take the Big(Long) side and wrap it back around the Little (short ) side agian. At this point you woulod have taken the bigger side around the smaller side one full 360* circle.


Step 5. Then take the Big (Long) side and bring it up through the circled part that is around your neck.


Step 6. Bring the Big (Long) side back down through the front loop the middle of the tie has made with your 360 degree wrap.


Step 7. Pull the Big (Long) side down once you have it through the wrap. You might have to work each side pulling the little side and the big side back and forth to get the perfect tie.


“Good Luck on looking your best!”

Check the video, “How To Tie Your Tie” out on you tube… CLICK HERE


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