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“Have you ever been treated badly by a complete stranger and wondered why?”

BY. Kasey M Parish

When working in  customer service organization’s people can sometimes loose site of the fact that we too have feelings.  When customers use their misfortunes of the encounters they have with the businesses services to fuel their belief that its some how ok to take their irate emotions out on the employee, that is where the line must be drawn.

What I am trying to say is when you have a problem with a companies services you need to either give them a chance to fix the issue or discontinue your buisiness with them. Don’t take this as a chance to take your frustrations out on an employee that is just earning a living working.

I know its in our biological make up to check into fight or flight and blurt out what we are feeling, but remember by doing that you could potentially be effecting someone who is already dealing with issues of their own.

The average person doesn’t realize the effect people can have on one another. In the work, school, and even social environments you effect the people you come into contact with. Its a proven fact that in order for a human being to be happy they must have human interaction. Unfortunately that fact works both ways. Why are human beings so eager to down grade others? This trait starts at a young age and follows us through our lives. From bulling kids at school to being judgmental to your co workers on the job.

In some since the need to be judgmental is derived from a survival technique embedded deep in our psyche. For example before the modern world, our ancestors had to make quick judgments based on first impressions. Although we have came a long way since the aborigines, the human mind still uses this to keep them out of harms way.

Although socially the human has found amusement when passing judgment on others as a pass time. Sadly the placing of judgment upon a person can really be detrimental to ones self esteem. Have you ever heard the saying, “Nice guys finish last”? Well it seems that even at an early age in life you can be cruel to another adolescent and get further in your social status.

The human mind is capable of so much more then superficial rants of how stupid people look. Let it be known we will never reach Mars if our children believe in their own vanity more then the minds capabilities. This is a truth in every Amarican home. I know our intinct is to apease others, but that doesn’t have to be done at the expence of another.  Life can be what we make, so lets figure out ways to get our kids on bored with a better and kinder future.

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