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BY: Kasey M. Parrish

Throughout history, evolution has paved the way for the holy matrimonial ceremony between two people. The earliest dated record of marriage dates back between 1250-1300 C.E. During midivil times kingdoms would unite their prince and princess to bring together the kingdoms, and to gain more power. Today however there are so many different views of marriage and what that unity means.

Ask yourself, Do you think marriage is a based on love in todays era? Or do you believe it just another way for our government to bring together ones financial gains?

Arguments are considered to be healthy and un healthy ways to release stress. As a married women of ten years or more I see myself in arguments all the time. I believe a relationship can be one of two kinds: High emotional state or Low emotional state.

High Emotional Relationship

During my life I have had relationships to be considered high emotional status. This kind of unity is very deep, passionate, sensitive, and melodramatic. These relationships tend to Start with love and passion but end with dispair and fire. Speaking entirely from experience, an high emotional relationship usually starts in a place of social stance. It can be very lustful and excitable at first and things move overpoweringly quickly. Before you know it you are head over heals in love and think this is the one. Unfortunately you know nothing about them past their britches so conversation can’t last a date let a lone a marriage.

Low Emotional Status This is marriage material!When you find your self falling in love with someone you have had time to get to know, this could have the potential of the unity of marriage. During my early twenties I found myself attracted to a man I normally wouldn’t look twice at. When you get the chance to get know someone before entering into the bedroom, it brings a new kind of feeling. With this bond comes a different kind of love. This kind of feeling isn’t lust or desire but a kind of child like butterflies in the stomach feeling. You can’t wait to see them, converstate with them, or just be in their presence. A low emotional status relationship doesn’t mean you love them less it means you don’t have the question of does he love me?

Arguments with High or Low Emotional Status!
Relationships that start out purely based on a sexual urges can end in nothing but fights, tears, or worse. Now this doesn’t apply to everyone, because there are some cases where love at first sight does exist. Normally most relationships that start out after a wild night on the town don’t end with holy matrimony. These uninvested relations and the disputes that infest the bond are the unhealthy arguments. Now in regards to the low emotional status relationships doesn’t mean there isn’t a deep connection it just means the connection is more pure. The connection consist of the three pillars that make a relationship thrive. These pillars are financial, physical, and mental. When a couple is connected purely on a level of ones heart, mind, and goals then the emotions are less fiction and more non fiction. Meaning there isn’t a load of unmanageable drama around every curve. Both parties in the relationship agree on each other and find themselves working toward the same future.

Healthy Arguments
A healthy argument consist of miscommunication, financial, family matters, and or anything that deviates away from the peaceful life you call your marriage. I believe arguing can be a healthy part of a relationship, after all we weren’t designed to have same personality. Which brings me to our biological make up as human, we are not meant to be monogamous. This was brought on through evolution and humanity. Our biology makes relationships seem like work at times, but this unity can bring two people together in life and achieve greatness as a family.


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