The self Helper's Guide To A Better Life

New and inventive ways to bring your life Success!!!

In todays world we are constantly driven by the problems that we must hurdle daily “I can safely say life is a series of problems we must solve!”

As a mother of three beautiful boys I am driven by my need for them to be successful. Stress is a fire I encounter at least once a month, sometimes more, and I find myself looking for new inventive ways to extinguish its flame.

“10 Free Ways to Exstingush the Fire Lifes Stress can Feed!”

#1- Bubble Bath

When creating your perfect bubble bath you must first if your a mom make sure your kids are in bed. Second there must be bubbles and lots of them. I reccomend lavender scented because this gives off a calming scent that fills the bathroom air. Then apply some Epsom salt, this will relieve all tension you have built up in your muscles through out a day of wining kids and co workers. During the first 10 minutes this is when your body enjoys the bath the most. Goose bumps will role over your legs, and up through your neck. Don’t plain to wash your hair or shave your legs just enjoy the warm embrace of hot water. After a the initial embrace of the bubble bath wears off, have a hot kettle of water next to tup ready to warm it back up. Now if you must shave or pamper during this time I suggest you do it by shower afterwords.

#2-Take a Walk

There is nothing better then to be able to take a walk with you pet or even by your self without your kids. Even though we love them to death, I don’t know about you but I am so tired of carrying back everything he needed to bring, including a scooter he road for two minutes. Walks with you children tend to be mini vacations they pack for. CHILD SAY’S, ” I have to bring that toy mom, I can’t leave it hear someone might take it!” MOM SAY’S, “Sweet heart we are only going around the block”. Kids are great but every now and then you need a walk by yourself to breath and reassess the day.

#3-“Me” Time

If your asking what is “Me” time? The answer would be any time were it is just you. People without kids take this time for granted until its gone forever. You practically can’t even use the bathroom with out a child banging on the door. Don’t get me wrong I love my children but before I chose to be a mother I didn’t realize you loose all freedom to be “Me”. Before Kids “Me” time consisted of going out and socializing with friends, co-workers, or even bar regulars. Use this time to go to an event with other adults, go for a night on the town, find a gathering that other mothers take advantage of, or any other adult socializing group can really make a difference on your self esteem and self care. Put it this way when you make time for yourself, being with your children becomes ten times more enjoyable. I make it a point to take some well needed “Me” time at least once a month. Although it really depends on you and how much you enjoy being around others.

#4- Make A List

As a critical thinker I try to see the logical side of stress and its causes. Making a list can really help you find your way through the problem. You start by writing out your issue or problem at the top of the paper. Then draw a line down the middle, and on one side list what causes the problem and on the other list what possible solutions could be. If you are obsessive like I am this activity can really help resolve life stressors.

#5- Watch A Movie

I know it sounds silly and you probably think it won’t work but by watching a movie you get out of your own head for just a bit. Depending on the nature of the movie you can make the stress worse. What I mean is, don’t watch a very stressful move like Step Dad with Mark Warburg. Although the movie is hilarious, movies with this kind of nature can sometimes make your stress levels worse. Its almost better to watch a love story or In my case I like horror movies. I think a good boost of adrinalin helps with reassessing the minds state. Or even watching a documentary can give you a new perspective on life and let you see that things are really not that bad.

#6- Find A Hobby

My hobbie is blogging and finding new ways to boost my future as a human service worker. Yours could be knitting, painting, journaling, running, drawing, yoga, gaming, reading, and the list goes on. As human being’s we feel the need to be respected, the need to fit in, and the need make a difference. Human being’s are creative in so many different ways. This is a great way to release all kinds of built up matter. You don’t have to draw to be creative, being creative comes in many different forms. Anytime you ask a question or form an ideal you are starting a creation. Life is fool of them and by being infomative you can create a world without stress.

#7- Meditation

You might think meditation is a dreamers hoax but it truly can help you free your mind of the fog stress can expel. Meditation can be carried out in many different ways. These ways consist of breathing, counting, repitition of one word or many words, creative dance, or even some kind of kong fu. You can find a list of seven different types of meditation practiced around the world on Its hard to try something new, believe me I have been there, but If you do try to meditate, take my advice and take it seriously. It won’t work if you don’t practice the steps and put forth some effort.

#8- Exercise

I am the last person on the planet who enjoys to exercise, but according to the facts, if your stressed exercising will relieve that stress. I want nothing more then to be one of those healthy folks that wake up early and take a jog. It must take an enormous amount of detication and focus to wake up everyday and go for a morning jog. According to Harvard Medical School anytime you do any kind of physical motions, which includes walking, running, or sport , releases endorphins into your brain. These endorphins help to uplift your emotional state. I will make you guys a deal when I release this blog, that 1st week I will go for a 5am jog and film this step in my life with my readers. It will definitely be a sight to see, especially once you see what a terrible morning person I can be. I should probably put some stipulations to this bet. I will attempt to jog at least 2 miles at 5 am, and continue to do so every morning as long as I get some likes on the video.

#9- Social Hour

Take one hour out of your week to meet with a friend, family member, or aquatence to talk about anything. Your week, politics, gossip, or Hollywood for example are great topics to start with. Just make sure you choose a social partner or group who won’t cause you more stress. How do you tell if this friend will cause you more stress? Well ask yourself do they only talk about themselves? Do they always try to one up your stories? Does this person have more drama in their life then you really need to be around? If its work to talk to someone then they aren’t a good choice. One of the craziest ways of putting it would be, You are not an emotional tampon to clog up someones drama! That statement was told to me by a dear friend Mr. Winsor Abernaki.

#10-Practice Time Management

Every adult should own an agenda! Do you remember how in high school they always made you carry an agenda. This wasn’t for our health people, even as adults we can’t remember everything. As a mother of three kids I rarely miss one of their appointments. But with my appointments I would loose track of them if I didn’t have my handy date book. I try to plan my days out by hours so I don’t forget things. The more you remember to get accomplished the less you will stress over what you haven’t accomplished. By preparing yourself for the weeks challenges, you will be equipped for less problematic situations. I also make it fun by color coding events by importance and recreation.


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